My name is Megan. But most just call me Meg :) I have the perfect 3 year old son, Mason man. He IS ALL BOY! And I'm engaged to Mr. Ryan D. I am so so so happy with my life right now! I love to be on the computer WAY too much, but when I can pull myself away I'm usually with my boys ♥ ♥ ♥ I love trying to be independent without being to far out there ;) I have the worlds best friends ever!! I wouldn't be who I am today without them! I couldn't imagine a life without my boys, my best friends, my family and of course all of you :)

I forgot about this letter…

To my handsome, handsome son….

My oh my how you’ve grown! I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years since your dad and I found out you were coming into this world! I’ve loved every minute of it. Although, I’ve also dreaded every minute of it. The thought of you growing up and getting more independent scares me. But at the same time, I can’t wait to continue to teach you things. And watch you and your dad’s relationship grow throughout the years. I love watching you and him together. He adores you! More then you’ll ever know.

Although we still have years before you start hitting milestones. I can already picture them everyday. I was watching you play today. And all of a sudden I had a picture of you and your dad walking the school hallways for your first day of kindergarten. Then I pictured you coming home from middle school saying you need help with a science project. Then, suddenly, your on the football field determined to help make the last win of your high school career. Then you just graduated college and your telling us you’re getting married. Then in a blink of an eye, I’m a grandmother. I know, I know, I’m being very dramatic seeing how you’re only 2. But I couldn’t help myself. I saw all of it clear as day as if I knew exactly everything that was going to happen. And goodness, you’re a handsome gentlemen when you’re older ;)

I hope that we have one awesome relationship throughout the years. There are so many things I want to teach you and help you with. I want to witness your dad teaching you the rules of baseball. I want to teach you the value of what you have, instead of being upset with the things in life you don’t have. I want to teach you that friends come and go, but your family will always be by your side. ALWAYS! You’ll need to know that respect goes beyond being kind to your elders – it also includes property, people in general, animals and even yourself.

You’ll have a lot of relationships in your life. Don’t take advantage of them. Always listen without judgement, criticism or offering solutions to problems, this is a guaranteed way to show someone you care. Always be respectful of the ladies. And please always kiss and hug the important women in your life hello and goodbye. That shows that you’re a perfect gentleman. And that you love your momma :)

Please always remember your oma, opa, papa and grandmama. They won’t always be around. I didn’t have grandparents growing up. And you already lost one grandma. I know it’s not the ‘cool’ thing to do, but spend all the time you can with them. They are wonderful role models.

There isn’t such a thing about being too polite. You can never say, “please, Thank you or excuse me too often.

Always, always, always choose to be happy. You can be happy if you just let yourself. And never settle. You deserve so much more than that. Dream BIG and follow your heart. Never stop dreaming baby, never.

You’ll also need to know more practical life skills :) Like knowing that there is more to cooking then opening up a can or microwaving old pizza. (I had to learn this so you do too!!) Papa will teach you how to change a flat tire like he did with me the year I turned 16.

We’ll need to teach you to drive responsibly and to be acutely aware of the consequences of drinking and driving, even if you are only the passenger. Remember, your dad and I were young once too. We know what goes on. But nothing is more important then you and your friends’ lives. Don’t risk it. You want to experiment a little, okay. We have all been there. But call your dad and I if you need a ride or if you EVER get into trouble. We might be mad at the time, but I don’t want you to ever think you can’t call or ask for anything.

And of course Dad will teach you how to barbeque the perfect meal. How to keep the perfect budget for your needs and any question you have about the 49ers. So you have one full life ahead of you mister :)

But the most important thing is that you find some sort of a relationship with the Lord. You’ll always have ups and downs in your life with or without him. But let me tell you from experience, you’ll get through all of it so much better with him by your side, step by step. And build your marriage around him too and I promise you’ll be extremely satisfied and happy in your life.

There are so many things I want to teach you son and this list grows with each passing day. I want the best for you, as any parent does. I occasionally need to remind myself that you are your own little person on your own journey in life.

How I see my role as a parent — I’m here to guide you, teach you and make sure you are well equipped with the skills, knowledge and common sense to survive and thrive on you own once they leave home. Time will tell if I’ve done my job well.

I love you more then all the stars and the moon baby boy. Please never forget that.

I pray for you every night my love…..

with so much love it hurts,


I just realized…

Whenever anything with my family happens that involves me, I have absolutely no one to talk to. I just feel so alone. 

mykindofbeautiful, love the color combo…

mykindofbeautiful, love the color combo…

Breast Cancer Run

Ryan, my fiance, and I are running for Komen the Cure for Breast Cancer, here in Wichita, KS. This link will take you to my personal page, from there you can also go to the team page or even Ryan’s personal page. (Which has no story or anything on it because for some reason it won’t let us edit anything, but we are working on it) All we ask is that either you come and help be apart of this wonderful event. Or that you take a minute, get out your credit card, and maybe just donate $5 out of your paycheck to help go to this wonderful cause. If you’ve had any personal experience, or know of someone who has/does, then you know how important these funds are for breast cancer patients and survivors. Please, it will only take a minute!!

Thank you so much friends!



★ discovered on (social image bookmarking)


discovered on (social image bookmarking)

lovin life

I got engaged & started a new job within this past month and I’m lovin both! Although they are both somewhat stressful at times, it’s well worth it. I have many new people in my life and they are all amazing :)

I do miss my friends though. And since I’m a moron who decided to put her phone on top of her call then drive away without grabbing it, I haven’t been able to really talk to anyone. I know 2 friends’ numbers and that’s because they have had the same number since before I had my own cell phone way back when :) all the others, I HAVE NO IDEA because they have changed them so often, so I put them in my phone then when I needed to call them I just scrolled down to their name.

is it sad that I don’t know all half of my bridesmaids numbers?? It almost makes me feel like I don’t really know them at all. :( That’s sad..

So, moving on.. the point of all of this was just to say I LOVE LIFE RIGHT NOW. Even during it’s down times, it’s not all that bad.

may I just say

I HATE lady gaga.. just thought you should know

Today was a big a**hole

It started out okay. I won’t up at 6am because my son decided that it was time to eat breakfast and watch TV. It was pouring outside and Thunder was booming every 2 seconds. But then, after a few hours, we got dressed and went to Church. Then when we got there Mason wasn’t feeling it too much, that’s another story, so Ryan took him home. Then we went out to eat, nothing much to complain about there. Then we came home and I was bored out of my mind, so we decided (actually I decided) to go to omas and opas house to just get out and do something. So we went over there to go swimming, again no complaints. Until we get ready to come back home about 4 hours after we had already been there. I thought I left the camera at the community pool in their neighborhood, so I start looking EVERYWHERE for it. It ended up being in Mason’s bag in the back seat of the car :/ Idiot. But while I was going inside and outside looking for the stupid camera, I lost my phone. But looking back, I think I had it in my hand and I put it on top of the car (insert applause here) and then we drove off and now I can’t find it anywhere! Then when we got home I decided to jump in the shower after I realized my phone was a lost cause. But while in the shower, I lost one of my contacts. So now I’m blind in one eye… Until I can go pick up my new ones. Ugh! So the only good thing today. Was watching Mason’s face in the pool.. Even though I now have to spend tons on money on glasses, contacts and phone stuff the pictures I have (which I can even share because I found the camera!!) at least the memories are priceless.

I COULD share pics. But to be honest, I’m too tired to care to put them on. I just love that I still have the option..

*end rant



Seriously though. what the fuck. 




Seriously though. 
what the fuck. 

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